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Online Ministries

Online now:
Short Nature Videos intended to help folk relax

Nature Videos

We are setting up a series of services online
Using Skype.
To register  your contact with us please go to the contacts page
in Skype and click on "add (contact)"
Skype are now using email address rather that passwords,
so enter ministry@abundance-4-living.org.uk.
We will accept once we get the request.

Then, please let us know which service(s) you want to share in,
and then we will call you up just before we "go on air".

On a regular basis
The ministries we are planning are:
A Sunday afternoon Meditation
called "Calm waters"
including bible readings prayers and a meditation etc.

Retreats  for the home bound
(and anyone else)
These will consist of  morning and afternoon meditations
Time available for one to one conversations with the Retreat Leader.

For details see the diary page. (in process of being written)

Can you please email us with details of the services you are interested in.
We  can then keep you informed on developments.

One to one pastoral support is available on Skype or over the phone
email us for further information

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